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We are two artists (Nikki and Nono) that have experienced life being broke, gifted, and black. We understand that it is a mental and financial struggle to turn your passion into a consistent paycheck. Join us weekly when we discuss everything art and industry-related, give out our Broke AF and Gifted AF Awards, and interview artists and performers from all genres and every walk of life to share their journey of turning their talents into a career. Hopefully, you'll enjoy a lot of laughs and learn some priceless life lessons to take with you along the way. Support this podcast:
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35 Episodes

Today's episode was actually recorded last Sunday. We start the episode with a personal update on our lives. Then we top BGB News about Rihanna becoming a billionaire, Courtney Kemp signing with Netflix, and the country album no one asked for from Monica. Nono interviews our special guest, Brandon Camphor of One Way. Brandon is a vocalist and songwriter from the DMV area. Brandon talks about his desire to be a part of a group instead of a solo artist, the path he took from performing at a dance studio to opening for leading gospel artists on tour, some artists that influence him and so much more. We award our BAF and we give all the flowers he deserves to Levar Burton. Brandon Camphor: IG: Facebook: Soundcloud: Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: IG: Email: --- Support this podcast:

Life happens and we had to figure out a schedule to record. So to make up for missing a few episodes we made this one really long. You're Welcome! We start the episode by discussing the deeply melanated Emmy nominees and our own co-host, Nono Osuji was a writer for an Emmy nominated series- WASHED. We discuss how Britney Spears is being treated like a black person and whether or not Tyler Perry needs to hire some writers or maybe not. Nono gives a solo interview to our special guest, Nya Bowman where they discuss her experiences in the dance world abroad and in the States, how dance gave way to her acting career, her work with equity and anti-racism in the dance world and so much more. We award our BAF to the Olympics and GAF to the esteemed Nikole Hannah-Jones. Listen, Follow, and Share! Nya Bowman: Facebook: Instagram: Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: https://www.f...

We will be back to our regularly scheduled podcasts with some changes ahead. We didn't want to leave you episode less this week so we wanted to revisit one of our Bonus episodes with the very talented De-Rance Blaylock. Oh and she sings in this episode too! De-Rance Renette Blaylock sang with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s In-Unison Chorus during its inaugural season in 1994 and two years following. In 1997, De-Rance left St. Louis and continued her vocal training under Richard Tucker at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL. She played one of the title roles in A&M’s production of Porgy & Bess, opposite American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. In 1999, De-Rance came home and later joined the St. Louis Symphony Chorus. She now sings with Chris & Kyle with True Spirit, and Jesse Williams & Total Praise. She has sung behind some of the world's greatest talents, including Dionne Warwick, Lionel Richie, Daryl Coley, Karen Clark-Sheard. De-Rance has toured the country and Greece with the Phil Woodmore Singers as they perform the critically acclaimed project, Antigone in Ferguson, an ancient Greek tragedy about what happens when personal conviction and state law clash, and violence ensues. Antigone in Ferguson has now been featured as an off-Broadway hit in New York. It was featured during five weeks at the Harlem Stage in 2018, and again at St. Ann and Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn in 2019. As a lead soloist, De-Rance is known for singing the last song of the production, titled I’m Covered, written by Dr. Phil Woodmore. The song is available on all digital music outlets. De-Rance Blaylock: IG: @deepopstar Twitter: @deepopstar Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: IG: Email: --- Support this podcast:

In today's episode, we top BGB News discussing the Friend's reunion and how it was a whitewash concept stolen from Living Single, attending HBCUs, the Mike Tyson biopic and the season finale of This is Us. We welcome our special guest, Ijeoma Onu, the owner of Didaá bespoke designer bags and Oma Organics Skincare LLC. She is gifted with her hands and talks about juggling a full-time corporate job, two kids, and two businesses. She shares with us how her parents inspired her, how baking cakes is similar to creating skincare products, and much more. We unintentionally award a double BAF and double GAF and take a peek behind the curtain to give a big F-You to Texas and its leadership. Listen, Follow, and Share! Ijeoma Onu: IG: and FB: Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: IG: Email: --- Support this podcast:

In this episode, we top BGB News with Black Superman. We discuss who we could see being cast and ask why was Superman white in the first place, he was an alien. We also talk diversity and incest about the GOT and its upcoming prequel and Sunny Hostin's new production company that focuses on uplifting diverse voices. We welcome our special guest Iquo B. Essien as she discusses her family and cultural history that she has curated over 10 years in what will be a memoir gallery and residency for African womxn artists entitled Elizabeth's Daughter, in honor of her late mother. She also talks about her crowdfunding and marketing experiences that has lead to a very successful consulting business, what films she developing through her production company, Editi Films, and so much more. We award our BAF and GAF Awards and Nikki takes a peek behind the curtain and finds Will Smith's dad bod behind it. Listen, Share, and Follow! Iquo B. Essien Elizabeth's Daughter (current campaign):https://ifu...

In today's episode, we go off on A LOT of tangents... but we do get to BGB News and discuss new documentaries produced by Kevin Hart, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, and more that highlight leading black actors, Levar Burton guest-hosting Jeopardy, Oscar nominations, Nono randomly sings and more tangents. We have a great discussion with our special guest, NY based celebrity makeup artist, Shemeika Simmons, who talks about how she went from playing in her grandma's Fashion Fair to working for tv shows and magazine spreads, how social media has changed the makeup industry for better & for worse, horrible makeup/beauty trends, and more. We award our BAF and GAF and take a peek behind the curtain to discuss the Chauvin verdict. Shameika Simmons: Website:!/page/431878/about-the-artist IG: & Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook:

In today's episode, we go a bit heavier than usual on the Reality TV News. We start with Tyler Perry taking the origin story of Madea to Showtime, Kanye West's 30 million dollar deal with Netflix for his 20 years in the making documentary, the Kardashian's real bodies, and the Verzuz of music legends that Steve Harvey almost ruined. Our special guest, Kenneisha Thompson joins us to drops great gems about her approach to acting and auditioning over her 18-year career, why men who play Jesus need long tunics, and much more. We give our BAF to a reality star douche and award our GAF to a young, exceptional lady.Like, Share, and Follow! Kenneisha Thompson: IMDB: IG: Twitter: Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: IG: Email: hey.brokegiftedandblackpodcast@g...

We are back after another hiatus because... life. We start the episode by explaining why we were gone and we quickly go into celebrating the EIGHT figure deal w- Issa Rae signed with Warner. We discuss upcoming and possible future Verzuz battles and help Nikki remember some SWV songs. Our first special guest of the year is Jamila Webb. She discusses odd jobs she's worked, why she created a space for writers, actors, and directors to collaborate in First Fifteen LA, gives advice for content creators and so much more. Our BAF spells his last name like a cartoon character and we give props to the Queen. Like, Share, and Follow! First Fifteen LA: IG: Twitter: Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: IG: Email: --- Support this podcast:

This week on the podcast we discuss the many, many reboots from the Best Man miniseries with the original cast to the live-action Power Puff girls, produced by Ava Duvernay. The New York Times dropped the bomb that Framing Britney Spears and BGB is officially #teamfreeBritney. In our Black History moment, we discuss the real story behind Lee Daniel's The United States vs Billie Holliday. Her life story is so inspiring and heartbreaking. We had no idea that this case ever took place but we are happy that we now know and are looking forward to the release of the movie on February 25th. We award the BAF and GAF and take a peek behind the curtain to discuss the woman formally known as Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown. United States vs Billie Holliday: Broke, Gifte...

We're back and we have video! We had a longer hiatus than we expected but it was well warranted. We explain that in the episode. We are guestless this week because we had so much to say that we didn't want this to be a 3-hour episode. In BGB News we discuss SAG history made by Chadwick Boseman, Golden Globe nominations, Cardi B remaking The Bodyguard, and the Lifetime biopics of Wendy Williams and Salt n' Peppasans Spinderella. We have a Black History Hidden Figure Moment where we honor couture designer, Anne Lowe. We award our BAF and give a double GAF to the legend, Cicely Tyson, and the memorable Trey Songz. Broke, Gifted, and Black Podcast: Facebook: IG: Email: --- Support this podcast:

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