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Driving Ambition is a syndicated podcast with the aim to inspire people to pause, explore success and re-calibrate their actions towards achievement.Follow on Instagram: @drivingambition.life or visit the website at www.drivingambition.life
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15 Episodes

S2 EP7: Sarah Eadie - On Courage & Confidence


When faced with challenges or obstacles, how often do you see them as opportunities? How do you cultivate the bravery within yourself to seize the moment? In the corporate world, how do you handle opposing opinions and perspectives?In this episode, you will meet Sarah Eadie. Sarah is the Founder & Managing Director of The Creative Collective - a boutique Marketing Communications agency, solving client’s brand needs. While having worked in challenging environments, overcome cancer as well as the overall fear of failure, Sarah implores us to drive to be and do better. In our conversation, Sarah inspires us with the following:How she cultivates bravery within herselfHow to change your perspective to see obstacles as opportunitiesUnderstanding opposing opinions through the lense of fostering a collaborative cultureBacking up your words with action through courage, risk-taking, tenacity, and resilience.Subscribe to the podcast and follow us on Instagram @drivingambition.lifeCheck out Sarah online by visiting her profile and website:On LinkedIn @ Sarah EadieOn Instagram @the.creativecollectiveOr @www.creative-collective.ca

S2 EP6: Kayla Saint-Onge - On Being Your Own Boss & Going All-In


Have you ever thought about starting your own business and doing it full time?In this episode, we’ll meet Kayla Saint-Onge. Kayla is the Founder of Balanced By Kayla and currently runs a wellness mentorship program centered around helping women overcome and eliminate stubborn symptoms (think gut and hormone health) as well as a BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) practice. Having previously had an HR career in insurance and consulting, Kayla discusses how she found her calling and her purpose before going "all-in" on her business.Through her experiences and our conversation, you will learn the following:Challenges pertaining to starting your own business (and the 9-5 life as well)The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded peopleHow being purpose-driven with your business is crucial to successListen to the episode by searching "Driving Ambition" on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts or visiting drivingambition.life/listenFind Kayla by following her on Instagram @b...

S2 EP5: Ashley Battle - On Swerving & Being A Woman Of Color

1h 11min

In this episode, you will meet Ashley Battle and hear her swerve journey.After playing in the WNBA for six years starting in 2005, her playing career ended due to sciatic nerve pain in 2011. Through our conversation, Ashley will share her inspirational story and practical tips as to how you too can genuinely seek openness to new possibilities and re-ignite your passion. As someone whose core identity was her work (basketball) Ashley will talk about how she distanced herself from basketball, and how the tough love from her mother proved to be a compelling event towards her swerve.Last, but not least, Ashley shares her perspective on gender and race in corporate America and provides words of encouragement to allies around the world. Enjoy the episode, subscribe and leave a review on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. Follow us on Instagram and visit our site at drivingambition.life

S2 EP4: Barbara Jamelli-Sefchik - On Growth Mindset


How are you currently up-leveling or upskilling to compete? In what ways are you strategizing and managing your career to stay ahead of the curve?In this episode, we’ll meet Barbara Jamelli. Barbara is the Head of Career Development at a large global tech company and trains employees on the topic of growth mindset. Growth mindset is all about persevering when the going gets tough and turning failure into useable information. Developing a growth mindset will teach you to embrace failure and find new ways of succeeding. According to Barbara, it is something that you do not have to be born with, but that you can learn to develop.Through her experiences and our conversation, you will learn the following:Managing your career as a continuous learnerHow to future-proof yourself through “human skills”What it means to have a growth mindsetNote the myths of the growth mindsetListen to the episode by searching "Driving Ambition" on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts or visiting drivingambiti...

S2 EP3: Alexis Smith - On Owning Your Message

1h 9min

This episode is all about having the strength and awareness to be upfront with others around your intentions while not letting fear creep in while you manage your own self talk.Listen to the episode by searching "Driving Ambition" on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts or visiting drivingambition.life/listenThrough this free-flowing conversation, you’ll meet Alexis Smith. As a marketer, speaker and intrapreneur, Alexis teaches us the following in this episode:• Owning your message is about managing expectations and how it’s perceived• It’s not all about ourselves and that there’s a heavy competition for our audience’s attention audience• To lead with love in support of one another (especially pertaining to our allyship journey)Find Alexis on Instagram @lexispov or her LI profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexissmithny/

S2 EP2: Lisa Fancyfied Francoeur - On Authentic Intelligence


Have you ever felt in a rut or that your life lacked creativity? How often do you reflect on your core beliefs?In this episode, you will meet Lisa ‘Fancyfied’ Francoeur. Lisa is a motivational speaker as well as an empowerment and resilience consultant. In this conversation, we tap into our inner genius through what Lisa calls Authentic Intelligence (the new AI).In this episode you will learn:· The difference between survival and thrival· How to tap into the genius within you· Functioning from a place of authenticity (authentic intelligence)· Pushing yourself out of your comfort zoneEnjoy the season and subscribe and leave a review on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. Follow us on Instagram and visit our site at drivingambition.life.You can follow Lisa on Instagram: @fancyfied Visit her site: fancyfied.com

S2 EP1: Tirzah Lopez - On Triumphing Over Setbacks


In this episode, you’ll meet Tirzah Lopez. Tirzah was injured in 2016 during a traumatic ski-accident which left her completely paralyzed from the waist down. As she now goes through life on wheels, Tirzah, who goes by the alias Felina Tiger, shares her inspirational story of perseverance, her goal to be a role model for women in wheelchairs and her ambition to make the world somehow a little bit better.Enjoy the season and subscribe and leave a review on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. Follow us on Instagram and visit our site at drivingambition.life.Follow our guest Tirzah Lopez on Instagram @felinatiger and visit her site at tigerlopez.com.

#7: Adrian w/ Owais Saeed aka Chai & Beats - Origins


In this episode, you’ll meet Owais Saeed aka Chai & Beats. Through our individual and collective stories, we discuss our journey together as well as detail why and how we created the Driving Ambition podcast. We then announce Season 2 and release the Season 2 Theme Song. Enjoy the episode!

#6: Ross Gordon @ Gridology - How can I sustain my ambition?


In this episode, you’ll meet Ross Gordon. Ross started a weekly newsletter called Gridology that answers personal and professional questions using a 2x2 grid. Together, he and I collaborated on a post called, “How can I sustain my ambition?” Through this, you will gain an easy-to-follow framework as to how you can be more conscious of your ambition by comparing your energy level against the vibes that you’re giving off to the universe.Check out the Gridology newsletter by clicking here: gridology.coVisit Ross' website here: rossgordon.co

#5: Sox - Master Designer @ August + Ashley - Style Identity


In this episode, you’ll meet Sox Vann. As the master designer for his boutique August Ashley, Sox has styled and tailored suits for celebrities and executives throughout North America. While that might sound intimidating, Sox has a down to earth and human approach towards exploring how we think about our own personal style. Our aim with this conversation is for you to take a few minutes to think about your style, your identity and how you can gain clarity as to who you want to project. We finish with some practical steps towards how you can take ownership of your personal brand from a style perspective.

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