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Odette Barry shares conversations with some of her favourite publicists, journalists, editors, presenters and producers about the often misunderstood industry of public relations.So whether you’re a small business owner learning how to DIY your PR, a publicist looking to deepen your knowledge, or an aspiring publicist striving to gain new skills and understand the media landscape, this podcast offers personal insights and stories, practical tips to improve your pitching and step-by-step guidance to secure headline news.
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43 Episodes

Today’s guest is so accomplished I’m exhausted just sharing her intro. We’ve been sharing time across the screens for a couple of years and it’s been an absolute joy to watch her business go from strength to strength. And as a HYOPR graduate, she was a standout performer, amassing over 20 pieces of coverage including articles in Smart Company, Better Marketing and Mumbrella. Her name is Mia Fileman and she’s the founder of Campaign Del Mar, a popular marketing education platform that helps switched-on startups create killer campaigns for less through her signature programmes, Campaign Classroom and Marketing Foundations. Mia has two decades of marketing experience under her belt, having spent 10 years in Brand Management for global companies such as L’Oreal, BIC and Kraft. She’s been a Director at creative agencies and also ran her own marketing agency for seven years. So if anyone understands the ability of marketing and PR to spread your brand message, gain your audience’s trust and boost your cred, it’s Mia. In this episode, we’re chatting all things Medium, the online digital publishing platform with over 100 million readers across the globe. To say Mia is a fan of Medium is an understatement. She’s a prolific Medium author who uses the platform to establish connections with fellow small business owners, flex her creative muscles, boost her brand message and establish herself as one of Australia's preeminent marketing experts. To date, she’s had over a dozen articles published on Medium that have been read over 32,000 times. If you’re struggling to dip your toe into the world of PR, or not sure if your writing skills are worthy of traditional opinion pieces, this is a must listen. Mia takes you through everything you need to know to get published on Medium, and how to maximise your reach once you’re a fully-fledged Medium author. Available now on your favourite poddy platforms. Find Mia Fileman online https://www.campaigndelmar.com/ https://www.instagram.com/campaign_del_mar https://www.facebook.com/campaigndelmar/ Find Odette Barry online https://www.odetteandco.com.au/hackyourownpr https://instagram.com/odetteandco https://instagram.com/hackyourownpr

Victoria Carey is a celebrated award-winning editor who has seen it all at the helm of some of Australias most loved magazine titles. As many have said, Victoria Carey is nothing short of a publishing powerhouse time as editor-in-chief of both Country Style and Vogue Living. In an era plagued by magazine titles closing and subscriptions dwindling, Victoria Carey revitalised and modernised Country Style to the point that it bucked the trend in the print world. Over the course of her leadership Country Style boasted the most stable and still increasing audited circulation, substantial readership increases, and unique positioning that celebrates the totality of Australian life. Today, Victoria works alongside Claire Dunne as the editorial helm of Graziher, sharing the stories of women who know and love the land. with a drive to connect the community through authentic and finely crafted stories. With an estimated one-third of Australian women living in rural and regional communities there is a deep well of beautiful stories to be told, in this episode Victoria shares a behind the scenes look at what it takes to capture, collate and deliver each edition of Graziher. In our conversation, we gain behind the scenes insight as Victoria breaks down key sections and details the significance of these pillars to produce relevant and high-quality content. When it comes to pitching a successful story, there’s no doubt that Victoria has the answers. In this episode, she reveals the secret to securing one of four cover stories at Graziher, the difference exclusive imagery can make and the common mistake to avoid before sending a pitch. Victoria is always on the hunt for the next big story. Tune in to discover the golden rules that will land your pitch in the next publication of Graziher. Find Odette Barry online https://www.odetteandco.com.au/hackyourownpr https://instagram.com/odetteandco https://instagram.com/hackyourownpr

Everyone needs a sprinkle of Abbey Stuart when they enter the PR industry. She’s a dynamo with confidence, conviction and creativity in spades. It was this drive and determination that had her cold calling The Nine Network for a job at the tender age of 21. Abbey has packed a lot into her four years as a communications professional. At The Nine Network she was the publicist for Getaway and also drove publicity for Married at First Sight, The Block, Ninja Warrior and Love Island Australia. In her current role as an Account Director at Sabio, she’s led countless campaigns across the consumer, hospitality, tourism, not for profit, tech and medtech sectors. Oh, and she recently took home an award at the 2021 PRIA Golden Target Awards, winning bronze in the Emerging Leader of The Year category. We covered A LOT of territory in today’s chat from how to break in and stand out in the industry to damage control when you’ve burnt your bridges with an important journalist. Plus, as someone that, to use Abbey's own analogy, ‘isn’t afraid to pop her joggers on’, she lets us in on her shoe of choice for any self-respecting PR professional. If you’re a PR newbie or you’re just as obsessed with the wide world of PR as we are, you’ll love this episode. Available in all good poddy places. Find Odette Barry online https://www.odetteandco.com.au/hackyourownpr https://instagram.com/odetteandco https://instagram.com/hackyourownpr

Still think PR can’t make the world a better place? You haven't met Meg Harris, founder of MHPR, mumma of twin toddlers, and one of Australia's OGs in ‘Conscious PR.’ Meg earned her PR stripes working in Sydney and London across big brands such as Nestle, Amazon, Spotify, Covergirl and Johnson & Johnson. But after wrestling with the ethics of promoting consumer clients in a world of animal testing, plastic pollution and fast fashion, Meg knew she needed to switch focus. So she started MHPR in 2018 and now uses her PR superpowers to help ethical and sustainable brands move the needle towards conscious consumption. Whether that’s as one of her retained clients or through her nuts and bolts, D-I-Y PR training offering. And it’s paid off, with Bed Threads, Nash & Banks, The Common Good Company and The Base Collective among her dreamy client list. Meg is a PR powerhouse who expertly pairs her media insights and what journalists really want with her desire to do good for people and the planet. In this episode we cover the PR foundations every business owner needs to know, why nailing publication timelines is critical for success and how to get that coveted Vogue coverage. If you’re a PR DIY’er, own a product-based business or are looking to make that leap into freelance life, you’ll want to give this a listen. Live wherever you get your poddy action. Find Meg Harris online www.mhpr.com.au meg@mhprcom.au https://www.instagram.com/__mhpr__ Find Odette Barry online https://www.odetteandco.com.au/hackyourownpr https://instagram.com/odetteandco https://instagram.com/hackyourownpr

Cara Waters is the startups and technology editor at Nine’s mastheads The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She’s also the lead of coverage for the recently launched Entrepreneur section published in the business pages every Tuesday. Cara has a robust CV of covering the startups and tech landscape - she previously edited SmartCompany and was a journalist at the Sunday Times and Financial Times in London. Thanks to the launch of the dedicated Entrepreneur section covering the rise and impact of Australia’s startup boom and entrepreneurs, we’re seeing more feature profiles and interviews with Australia’s most interesting business founders and leaders. In this episode Cara shares what she’s looking for in a pitch, the deadlines for startups and tech stories and the demands of her team. She also shares the golden rules when it comes to pitching a small business story to her. As Cara says, the startup scene is booming in Australia and their readers are fascinated by it. So if you...

Velvet Garvey is not too shabby when it comes to telling a story and sourcing the essential ingredients to conjure up a firecracker of a headline. It is of no surprise then, when Velvet pitched to Channel 7 during Hack Your Own PR that her story snowballed into a viral success. Velvet is the founder of Train My Mate, a platform that offers housework classes for men. She came up with the concept after leaving her beloved career as a medical editor, to become a stay at home parent. Velvet was horrified to discover that motherhood actually equated to housework. Feeling frustrated, she began to explore the concept of domestic labour and discovered that both the research and other women agreed: in the 21st century, women in relationships do the majority of housework and childcare, to the detriment of their relationships. And so she created Train My Mate as a place for men to learn housework through fun and practical courses so that they can better support their partners and themselves. A...

Leigh Campbell is the executive editor of Mamamia and host of the podcast, You Beauty. She’s also a snack influencer - yep that’s a thing and mamma to her little man. Leigh has worked in lifestyle media for 15 years, holding positions as Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan, Head of Lifestyle for HuffPost before joining Mamamia in 2018. At Mamamia she oversees the whole editorial offering but still writes about her favourite stuff - fashion, food, wellness, travel, homewares and of course, beauty. Leigh sits in the new breed of journalists who have some significant social clout. She’s steadily built a sizable audience of her own via Instagram. And there’s a good reason why: she’s funny, open, playful and accessible in her articles, podcasts and social posts. And yes, she’s built quite the name as a Snackfluencer, reviewing all of our fave supermarket snacks on her Instagram and they go OFF. In this episode, we explore how important the profile of a journalist is to media outlets, w...

Annabel Bower is a Hack Your Own PR graduate who’s been featured in Sunday Life (The Age/Sydney Morning Herald), Mamamia, ABC Conversations. But she didn’t just end up there by chance: she actively sought out this media coverage. After experiencing a devastating still birth with her fourth child, Miles, Annabel was confronted with a totally unique experience of grief that few people could relate to. She decided to use her loss to write a book for other parents going through similar experiences. Miles Apart is a guide to navigating grief after baby loss, with chapters from Annabel and other parents on how they coped. Stepping into the spotlight with such an emotional story was no easy feat, but Annabel has been superhuman every step on her PR journey with me in the Hack Your Own PR program. And her determination and passion to get more awareness for this important topic have paid off, as her roll call of media coverage shows. I wanted to ask Annabel how she pulled off some of her i...

Outside of the big-name media outlets, there are dozens of local news agencies that tell the stories of their local communities. David Kirkpatrick is editor-in-chief of my own local news source, The Northern Star, which has been in business reporting on the happenings of the Northern Rivers in New South Wales for a whopping 145 years. He’s been doing his thing as a journalist and, briefly, a publicist for 34 years. Those of us living in rural and regional areas know local news outlets are a vital part of the community. But they’re also a valuable place for small businesses and local entrepreneurs to earn some media coverage that directly reaches a local audience. Make them a part of your media strategy and you’re in for some PR gold. So what makes David Kirkpatrick’s ears prick up as an editor? He shared with me the value of a great subject line to catch the eye of busy journalists, the ideal length of a press release and why he doesn’t mind a bit of persistence - as long as yo...

As a beauty editor, Amy Clark has tried everything - including poop stools, snail jizz and colonic irrigation - in the name of a great product review. This journo isn’t afraid to put herself in the firing line when it comes to road testing the latest and greatest - and the downright weird. But there’s one treatment she’ll never try (more on that soon!) I got into the fun and fabulous world of beauty journalism in this chat, a world Amy has been part of since 2016. She worked her way through the ranks at Mamamia from editorial assistant to senior lifestyle content producer. Now she’s right at home as senior editor at Adore Beauty, one of Australia’s most reputable beauty retailers, and an impressive publisher in its own right. With Beauty IQ, podcast Beauty IQ Uncensored and a demanding publishing schedule, at Adore, Amy’s job is just as rigorous as when she was at a magazine. We chat through what Amy is looking for from writers on the platform, what her typical day looks like ...

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