• We want to connect the world through your voice.
  • We want to build a community that empowers both listeners and creators to express themselves through the power of audio.

  • We believe that current state of sharing the spoken word is broken. Creators don't always get fair value for the amount of effort they put in and the system is designed to cater to just a few rather than to all. We want to build an amazing ecosystem where all creators can be rewarded for the amazing content they share with the world.

All creators can join Himalaya Premier Community's waiting list by creating an account at www.himalaya.com/en/creator.

Due to technical constraints,  If you have already hosted your podcast somewhere, you can easily claim your podcast on Himalaya in minutes.  Please follow the instructions below:
  • Create an account on Himalaya.
  • Verify your email address if you choose email to sign up.
  • Search for your podcast, and submit your claim through auto-claim or manual claim.
  • You'll receive instructions to finish your claim.
  • It may take 24-72 hours for us to review your request.
Once we confirm you are the owner and will link your podcast to your account, you'll receive a confirmation email and you're all set.  You're officially part of the Himalaya Premier Community.
Currently, we only support one claim for one account temporarily. More claims will come soon.
If you cannot find your podcasts, contact us at creator-support@himalaya.com.
If you plan to start a new podcast, contact us at creator-support@himalaya.com.

  • Your work is valued based on your engagement with listeners and followers. We will provide a series of courses and tools to help you learn how to monetize your talents

  • You'll be paid on a monthly basis according to your engagement reports. If you have any questions about your payment, feel free to reach out to creator-support@himalaya.com

  • Every voice matters. We completely understand that some topics can be more niche and inherently have smaller following bases, which is why we want to make sure you creators are fairly rewarded considering the engagement you generate and not just volume. Which is why we offer great tools to enable further communication touch points with your listener base.

  • Short answer, no. However, the creators who do generate exclusive content on Himalaya will have more opportunities for being featured

  • No, of course not. We believe content creators should be fairly compensated or rewarded for their content, so advertising is definitely up to you. We also provide a suite of support to help match you with the right possible sponsors if you'd like.

  • Himalaya already hosts over millions of amazing audio content. We provide an amazing experience to millions of users across the globe. We want to empower you to express yourselves without worrying about hosting and technical issues.

  • Yes. You own the rights to the content you create and host on Himalaya. In return You give Himalaya a non-exclusive license to publish your content on Himalaya.

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