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Book Beat – CUNY Podcasts

Book Beat – CUNY Podcasts

Book Beat – CUNY Podcasts
34 min2020 AUG 14
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In her new book, We the Women: The Unstoppable Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment, CUNY legal scholar Julie Suk takes full measure of the century-long — and recently resurgent — battle to enshrine full equal rights for women as a Constitutional amendment. She joins Book Beat to talk about the history of the fight, the victories along the way and the sisterhood of warriors who have fought across generations to make the ERA law. And why it still matters.

Julie Suk is dean for master’s programs and a professor of sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. A graduate of Yale Law School and a scholar of comparative law and society, she was a professor at Cardozo Law School for 13 years before joining CUNY. In recent years, she’s become a prominent expert on the renewed efforts to ratify the ERA.

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