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53 min2020 FEB 17
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Started his career as an author and a comics illustrator back in 1997, He shifted his career to Graphic

Design in 2002, his passion into creativity grow in developing visual brand identities in a way that directly supports art.

Worked in multiple firms for years as a Graphic Designer then an Art Director and a Creative Director, then back again to freelancing world.

Tarek designed and developed many brand marks along with its visual identity for more than ten years.

He lectured in many workshops in universities and embassies as well as participating in events related to logo and visual identity industry in Egypt.

Founded Zeeny Design House L.L.C. in 2014 to further expand this field, Building on the true presence in the arab and international markets, Zeeny Studios also seeks to contribute to developing the skills of creating a good brand marks and visual identities.