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Carmilla Jo's Cosplay Corner

Carmilla Jo

Carmilla Jo's Cosplay Corner
12 minSEP 4
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The live-action remake of Mulan is released on Disney Plus, today, September 4, 2020, after being pushed back from its original March 2020 release due to coronavirus.

Many of us watch live-action Disney remakes for the sole purpose of complaining over how the original animated films from our childhoods are far superior. Live-action Mulan has also faced many setbacks of its own, from lead actress Liu Yifei showing her support (likely coerced?) for Hong Kong police brutality, to Disney Plus tacking on exorbitant fees.

Despite everything that makes us want to boycott live-action Mulan, our host Carmilla Jo will cover:

  • Why she made the cosplay despite the controversies

  • How Liu Yifei may have been forced by the Mainland Chinese government for what she said

  • The culture shock of freedom of speech

  • The importance of supporting Asian creatives, especially in these difficult times. We have enough with being blamed for coronavirus, for one thing!

  • Mulan is more than just a Disney Princess--she's a beloved centuries-old Chinese legend and badass that we all can look up to and admire.

CARMILLA JO is a Bay Area-based cosplayer and model. Growing up with a love for fantasy and animation, she has evolved as not just a model and cosplayer, but also as a costume designer and creative producer. By taking creative control in her works, she has yielded numerous publications and magazine cover features.

As an award-winning cosplayer, her costuming takes inspiration from anime, manga, video games, history, corsetry, and nostalgic cartoons. She plans to continue improving in the craft of cosplay and costuming in the years to come, in addition to collaborating with fellow ambitious creatives for more elaborate and other-worldly photoshoots and projects.

Official website: CarmillaJo.com

Instagram: @CircusofMissJo

Facebook: Carmilla Jo


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