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Design + Diversity

Tim Hykes

Design + Diversity
44 min2017 APR 11
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Episode 4: Dian Holton

: In this episode, we talk to Dian Holton deputy art director at AARP who explain life from the perspective of an HBCU graduate who’s first love was fashion but now finds herself in graphic design.

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Short Biography

Dian is a deputy art director at AARP and a part-time visual/brand associate for various national retail brands. Her background includes publishing (print/digital), integrated marketing, branding, retail installation, and styling. She currently serves on the AIGA Washington DC chapter board as the Design Continuum Scholarship Fund director and the Diversity and Inclusion chair. Additionally, she is a member of the AIGA National Diversity and Inclusion task force focusing on guidance.  Her passions include education, philanthropy, fashion and pop culture.

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Show Notes
  • 0:00

    Welcome introduction and background

  • 1:03

    How did you start as a Designer and how did you get to AARP?

  • 4:00

    Working at Gap

  • 8:36

    Volunteer work with AIGA

  • 12:33

    What was is like studing at a HBCU and what oppertunities do you see for the creative field working with HBCUs


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