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35 min2020 APR 17
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Why 9 is not always 9? How culture impacts user research - Giedre Kazlauskaite & Katarzyna Potyrała, Phillip Morris International | DesignWays Conf 2019

When it comes to cultural difference, it is an important aspect that influences user research and analysis. What do we need to consider when organizing and conducting research in a multinational enterprise? We will share our experience, learnings, and observations on when not to conduct user research, and explore whether numbers always reflect the same level of satisfaction in different cultures. Finally, we will reflect on what we, as UX people, have to consider when working in a large organization.  

It does not matter if you are a UX researcher, designer, or just starting in the UX field. You are most welcome to our speech :)

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As a UX professional, Giedre Kazlauskaite currently works for a global company providing support to a wide variety of projects, including B2B solutions.

Her job entails conducting research, generating insights, interactive prototyping, and involves a creative touch that makes solutions speak a more human language.

Shortly after graduating from Multimedia and Graphic Design, Giedre fell in love with User Experience. She holds a UX Certification by Nielsen Norman Group, and she’s particularly passionate about user research, the human mind and usability.

Katarzyna Potyrala is a UX Specialist with 4 years of experience and professional background, which developed her ability to capture details and understand people. She is certified by Nielsen Norman Group, UX Research and UX Management specialty.

For the last 2 year she’s been working as UX Architect at Philip Morris International in a vast, diverse and multicultural environment of over 80k employees globally. In her daily activities and visits to different countries in the organization she is placing her focus and passion on UX research with different methodologies including in-depth interviews, field studies, usability testing, surveys, information architecture testing, guerilla testing.