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32 MIN2018 AUG 24
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"Ground Floor, Volume One: How To Build a Theatre"

Podcast & Video Spotlight on Lisa Scheps of Ground Floor Theatre on Make Every Media's Preservation Station Series. As a part of our mission to explore and document the ever-shifting cultural arts landscape in Austin, TX in every media, we're providing two ways to consume this content: as a podcast and as a video.

Video Available for Watching (Filmed by Erik Mauck, Edited & Hosted by Michael Ferstenfeld, Music by DreAun & The Forgotten Discovery):

Podcast Remixed and Hosted by David Moses Fruchter, Music by Podington Bear.

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For tickets and more info on Ground Floor Theatre: http://groundfloortheatre.org

Local music from Austin, TX in video version by:
DreAun - https://soundcloud.com/dreaun
The Forgotten Discovery - https://soundcloud.com/chris-owen-49

This project is sponsored by the Austin Creative Alliance, supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. Find out more about what’s happening in the arts community this week at http://NowPlayingAustin.Com