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Young House Love Has A Podcast

Sherry & John Petersik

Young House Love Has A Podcast
40 minAPR 20
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We recently hit a long-awaited milestone that we’ve been working towards for months, and we couldn't be more grateful!! We're sharing all the details today - plus we're diving deeper into a question that seems to keep popping up: "How can you tell if downsizing is right for you? What if you majorly regret it?!" There are actually four ways that you can take smaller space living for a spin before pulling the ripcord - which is a huge advantage, and a great way to answer that question for yourself. We also explore how the reality TV show that you’d want to be on the most (or the least!) can reveal a lot about your personality. Plus a moving tip that’s helping us pare down even more - and why we like watching TV, but don’t actually want to be on it.

Be sure to check out younghouselove.com/podcast-171 for notes, links, and photos from this episode.