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Age Scotland Conversations

Age Scotland

Age Scotland Conversations
39 minJUN 27
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Anyone of any age can fall victim to a scam, but we know that older people are disproportionately targeted. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people targeted by scammers, including older people and those with long-term health conditions.

In this episode of Age Scotland's Conversations, we hear from Peter and Marion Morrison who were called by someone pretending to be from their bank. Thankfully, the elaborate scam which involved masking the phone number to match the one on the back of their bank card was foiled.

We also talk to Paul Davis from the Bank of Scotland about his advice on spotting a scam, what to do, and how banks are helping. 

And talking about how banks are helping, what kind of innovative technology is being developed and used by FinTech companies to beat the fraudsters? Nicola Anderson from FinTech Scotland explains all and offers up some great advice about the "Take Five" campaign.

Age Scotland has a free guide and plenty of information and advice about avoiding scams. Find out more at www.age.scot/avoidingscams or call our helpline on 0800 12 44 222