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She's So Cool

Fempower Media + Adrienne White

She's So Cool
54 s2019 JAN 9
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She's So Cool is a female empowerment podcast designed to help you uplevel your mindset and your business by providing you with stories about and interviews with strong and influential women who are pursuing their passions in life.

The women featured on this show are diverse - they have different life experiences, identities, philosophies, and backgrounds.

The mindset episodes will give you insight into the psychosocial phenomena that impact women and how to overcome them so you can experience more happiness and success in your life and business.

The activism episodes will give you resources and tools to help you use your unique strengths to fight for justice while serving your community.

Welcome to She's So Cool, where each episode will inspire you to embrace who you are, love yourself fiercely, and pursue your dreams.

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