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Dyslexics Wanted

Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia

Dyslexics Wanted
20 minSEP 15
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On today’s episode, meet the author of a groundbreaking book that is a must-read for parents, educators and anyone concerned with the education of children with dyslexia. Micki Boashas written, “ One in Five: How We’re Fighting for our Dyslexic Kids in a System That’s Failing Them.” Micki talks with Jordan about battling the system that was neglecting her own children and she shares some of what she has learned about cutting through “the invisible red tape” that can be so frustrating.If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast, write to jordan@chartproductions.com. If you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia,please visit our website at dyslexicswanted.org.