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Grace Grind & Growth
13 MIN2018 JUN 4
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So, as an effort to have a summer full of work and fun, I have created the list before you. I am sharing this with you all because I need accountability partners. I need people to check on me and see this through and I hope to keep track of some of my experiences through the podcasts.

Hit List Log

  1. Take myself on a date
  2. Visit a random scenic place and work/read a book
  3. Tip someone $20 (done)
  4. Hangout with 5 people I normally wouldn't (done)
  5. Take a solo weekend trip
  6. Pay for a stranger's meal
  7. Go hiking with 3 different people
  8. Read 4 Birthday Books
  9. Go Horseback Riding
  10. Go Kayaking
  11. Get a massage/Go to a Spa
  12. Road trip nearby to art museums, shopping malls, bookstores, etc
  13. Go to a festival/parade in another city
  14. Chill in a coffee shop for a few hours
  15. Take a class on something new
  16. Learn + Try= 10 new meals

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