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Mrs. Ross' ClassroomEARTH

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Mrs. Ross' ClassroomEARTH
--2012 JAN 22
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Reading PODCASTS The following Podcasts are available for you to listen to in streaming audio. They are for you to use, and should help you navigate through our new online tool, BLACKBOARD and our class assignments and information. If you want to use the web to "chat with Mrs. Ross" this is how. ENJOY! (You may listen to these as many times as you choose!)                                                                                                                 Mrs. Ross (microsoft-office-en.us, copyright, 2012)  1. Introducing Blackboard Learn (blackboard.okaloosa.com) <- Listen to the podcast. Then... Got A Question? After class? Want to discuss it? Use the DISCUSSION BOARD on BLACKBOARD. Click here to log in (username: last name,first initial - No spaces) 2. Parts of Blackboard Podcast 01-20-2012