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Paw & Order: Canada's Animal Law Podcast by Animal Justice

Animal Justice

Paw & Order: Canada's Animal Law Podcast by Animal Justice
81 min2020 JUL 25
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Hosts Peter & Camille are back at it after a short summer vacation! There's a lot of animal news in the headlines, so this episode breaks it down. We discuss: Canadian Animal Law Conference tickets are now available, why no criminal charges were laid against the driver who ran down and killed activist Regan Russell outside Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse (and why police and prosecutors have a long history of giving the meat industry a free ride, while targeting animal advocates), a class action suit against the Cargill slaughterhouse in Alberta, for letting COVID-19 run wild amongst workers, animal Outlook's lawsuit in the wake of a fish farm investigation, new Zealand courts throwing out secretly-recorded video evidence of animal cruelty on a dairy farm, a California court ruling that the state's foie gras ban is constitutionally-compliant, two guilty pleas in last year's Alberta turkey farm occupation, and Spain and the Netherlands killing off a million minks following COVID-19 infec...