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Podcast Experts | Radio That Doesn't Suck Inc.

Podcast Experts | Radio That Doesn't Suck Inc.

Podcast Experts | Radio That Doesn't Suck Inc.
17 min2020 JAN 21
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What is 'self care', or preventative care? We're pretty sure you know! But, so few people actually make time for self care, that they end up getting sick, and need 'health care'...when you're sick! And, sometimes you don't actually get any better. We provide some non-medical advice to help you take care of yourself, and the ones you love!

Welcome to the Kaz and Julie Show (also known as the Julie and Kaz Show). We are two passionate entrepreneurs from the health and wellness industry, sharing our knowledge and opinions with the world.

Julie is a Nutritionist and Health Coach and owner of Balance Life with Julie. Kaz is a Registered Massage Therapist, Intuitive Energy Healer and Meditation Coach and owner of Ki Health and Wellness.

Together we will discuss some common (and not so common) health topics from the point of view of each profession and personality.

Join us each week as we offer advice, information, health tips and comical opinions on a variety of topics from common muscle aches and pains to gut health and food to the way your poop should look!

Find us on social media:

@juliebrar (Julie)

@kihealthandwellnesswhitby (Kaz)

or leave a message at 1-866-269-6155.

If you are interested in finding out about hosting your own audio or video podcast, head over to www.PodcastExperts.ca | @podcastexperts

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