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Unchanging Word Bible Podcast

Unchanging Word

Unchanging Word Bible Podcast
25 minJUL 28
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We continue in Matthew 25 where Jesus speaks of
the judgment of the nations. This judgment is
based on the evidence of how the nations treated
the believing Jewish brethren during the great
tribulation. This judgment occurs after our Lord
has returned to the earth to reign in His kingdom.

In Mat.25:41-46, Jesus next judges the goats on His left hand based on the actions and character of those nations. They either did or did not minister to Jesus’ Jewish brethren during their persecutions.

These goats on the left hand, did not support the persecuted Jews.
In withholding support for these, they were not
ministering to Jesus Himself during those days.

Matthew writes these words, for the 5th and last time, “when Jesus had finished these sayings”.
This ends Jesus’ teachings before His crucifixion.

Here is Dr. Mitchell on the Unchanging Word
Bible Broadcast.