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Unchanging Word Bible Podcast

Unchanging Word

Unchanging Word Bible Podcast
25 minJUL 30
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In Matthew 26:14-25, Matthew writes concerning one
of his fellow disciples, Judas Iscariot who betrayed
Jesus to the religious authorities.

Judas negotiated with the religious leaders for a price
to deliver Jesus to them. They settled on 30 pieces of silver.

Dr. Mitchell shares, from Old Testament prophecy,
how God was valued for 30 pieces of silver.

Jesus announced to the disciples that one of them
would betray Him. All of them answered with the words
, Lord is it I? except Judas. He answered with the words,
Rabbi, is it I?
Judas related to Jesus as only a teacher.
The 11 other disciples related to Jesus as Lord.
Jesus the Lord is God.

Interestingly, Judas was the treasurer rather than Matthew who had been a tax gatherer.

Let’s join Dr. Mitchell on the Unchanging Word
Bible broadcast, Matthew 26:14-25.