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Unchanging Word Bible Podcast

Unchanging Word

Unchanging Word Bible Podcast
25 minAUG 3
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Jesus announces the scattering of the disciples,
His crucifixion and resurrection before
being betrayed by Judas.

Although Peter espoused his heartfelt determination to stay with Jesus, no matter what, Jesus spoke of Peter’s denial.

Matthew next describes how Jesus took Peter, James
and John and went apart from the other disciples
inorder to pray.

Dr. Mitchell brings out the circumstances of the
sorrow which Jesus felt. Jesus said His soul was
was very sorrowful, even to the point of death.
Dr. Mitchell focuses our attention on the fact that
Jesus poured out His soul even unto death. He shed
His blood for you and me on the cross willingly.
The blood of the Cross reconciles all who trust in Christ.

Let’s join Dr. Mitchell in Matthew 26 vs 31 as he
shares the Lord Jesus with us here on the
Unchanging Word Bible Broadcast.