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Unchanging Word Bible Podcast

Unchanging Word

Unchanging Word Bible Podcast
25 minJUL 29
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Having finished teaching His disciples, Jesus now
proceeds toward the cross and the resurrection.

In Mat.26:6-13, Matthew describes an incident which
occurred in the house of Simon the leper in the
village of Bethany.

This happens two days before Jesus is crucified.
During His time there, Jesus resolves a supposed
conflict between the disciples and their misguided
priority concerning the expenditure of costly perfume.
They all deemed it a waste to anoint
the savior with the expensive perfume.

Jesus explained that this perfume was a pre burial
anointing. He knew He was going to die and
His betrayal was near at hand.

The priority of value should be placed on Christ
Himself. He should have first place in all things.
He is worthy of our sacrifices.

Join us on the Unchanging Word Bible Broadcast
as Dr. Mitchell shares Jesus from Matthew 26:6-13.