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Charles LaCalle

66 minMAY 12
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Sarah Pillmore is the former VP of human resources and talent acquisition at two of Expedia Group’s premier brands, Hotwire and CarRentals.com. In her role, she also led the global diversity & inclusion strategies. Now, Sarah is the Chief People Officer at Osler Diagnostics, a health technology company developing innovative biosensor technology as well as being an active angel investor.

During this global pandemic, founders are facing unprecedented levels of stress and pressure as they navigate their companies through a severe economic contraction. How can founders and startup leaders best manage their teams, provide support, and encourage employee wellbeing through this crisis?

In this episode:

5:55:00- Focusing on well being

15:45:00- Keeping teams motivated and focused

22:20:00- What's imposter syndrome?

27:05:00- Different types of "imposters"

28:50:00- What can I do to overcome imposter syndrome?

33:50:00- What are your thoughts on remotely hiring employees?

37:40:00 Are we bringing bad interviewing habits to remotely hiring?

43:40:00- Remotely laying off employees

49:00:00- Default alive or default dead?

52:40:00- How do we best get HR advice like yours if we're a small startup?

55:40:00- Do you think teams will now expect to have more "work from home" days?

58:30:00- What should do now to get ready for the fall if there is another outbreak?

1:01:30- If letting people go, how do we best help others cope with survivor guilt?

1:04:30- For hiring, what are your thoughts on how to do reference checking well?