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Entrepreneurs with Jobs

Fisayo Che and Jeff Losaria

Entrepreneurs with Jobs
45 min2020 APR 23
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“Corona situation actually hit close to home this week, a friend of our family friend actually died.” – Fisayo Che

The coronavirus starts to hit closer to home affecting a family friend who Fisayo just recently saw. But with everything going on, Fisayo talks about how she recently heard a quote that is helping choose to be happy and make the most of this crisis.

You’ll learn about one of the most effective skills for dealing with stress according to science and psychology.

Jeff covers the behind-the-scenes of launching the Entrepreneurs With Jobs podcast because we recorded these episodes before we officially launched. You gain insights and tips for starting your own podcast.

We discuss how to be more intentional with your time by tracking what you actually spend it on.

To get details of how to join go to https://www.entrepreneurswithjobs.com/ (https://www.EntrepreneursWithJobs.com)


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