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Entrepreneurs with Jobs

Fisayo Che and Jeff Losaria

Entrepreneurs with Jobs
37 min2020 MAY 1
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We got kicked off Zoom on our first virtual event… we tried to recreate the Zoom call, but there were too many technical difficulties…
There’s hope! We’ve re-scheduled the event for May 2nd @ 4pm PST. Here’s the details below:
Virtual Event is coming this weekend:
You’ll get free training on: “Digital Marketing to Grow Your Brand + How to Do It All While Working Full-Time”
Plus, network with like-minded Entrepreneurs With Jobs! Participate in our group discussion and get feedback and help from on any questions you have in your business (or future business)!
Click the link to attend:
https://www.meetup.com/OC-Entrepreneurs-With-a-Job-Network/events/270206591/ (https://www.meetup.com/OC-Entrepreneurs-With-a-Job-Network/events/270206591/)
Despite Jeff’s initial sarcasm in the beginning (“That was a great success”), we did learn a lot and found other Entrepreneurs With Jobs.
It was great connecting and meeting other people who share our same vision and struggles. We want to create a community… and I’ll be so bold to say, a movement.
This podcast is a modified podcast giving an update on what it’s like to host your first virtual/online event and have the technical gods smite you down.
We learned. We did the damn thing. We will keep going!
To get details of how to join go to https://www.entrepreneurswithjobs.com/ (https://www.EntrepreneursWithJobs.com)

Network and connect with other "Entrepreneurs With Jobs" by joining the EWJ movement and community!

It's free, just go to https://www.entrepreneurswithjobs.com/ (https://www.EntrepreneursWithJobs.com) and enter in your email address. We'll send you an email with all the details and instructions on how to join. You'll get updates when our next virtual or in-person event is.

We'll see you in there!


If you liked the music, it was produced by an amazing artist named MAYO from the Philippines.
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