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Entrepreneurs with Jobs

Fisayo Che and Jeff Losaria

Entrepreneurs with Jobs
--2020 SEP 23
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With everything that's going on, Fisayo explains why she made her best sales month ever.
This is the most sales she's ever seen in her Shopify eCommerce store.
We go over the details of how all the preparation and continuous work over the years have prepped her for this opportunity.
There's an element of luck with every business and opportunity.

But a business needs to have everything in place to take advantage of an opportunity like Fisayo was presented with.

Luck = Opportunity + Preparation

If you've been following the podcast, you know that Fisayo been hustling and has been more than prepared for this opportunity.

Wearing multiple hats. Moving her sales platform from Etsy to Shopify. Making investments in her branding and public relations efforts.

I know on the surface people will think she got lucky.

But without all the previous long nights and hours of damn hard work, this would be a missed opportunity.

And the narrative would be that she was "unlucky."

Luck to me is gained by placing yourself out there time and time again.

Because through the law of averages, you're bound to get your quote, unquote lucky opportunity.

Luck is out of your control. But your hard work isn't.

Keep working hard. Keep hustling.


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