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For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi

Eric Verdi

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi
40 minJUN 2
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Jill Chitty is a LinkedIn Expert who helps Entrepreneurs and Business Owners create a steady flow of consistent, and predictable stream of leads from LinkedIn.

Jill goes in depth on how to build a following on LinkedIn.  How to build a business on LinkedIn.  How to properly post and connect with others on LinkedIn.

Her expertise is in connecting influencers, marketers, and helping business owners do what we all want.. INCREASE sales!

This is a GREAT interview that you need to listen, and then watch as Jill walks through specific strategies.

Connect with Jill on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillchitty/

Or her website - https://www.jillchitty.co.uk/