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For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi

Eric Verdi

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi
19 minJUL 22
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Katy Bellotte started posting to Social Media and, specifically, Youtube when she was 14 years old.  Her content was really just a conversation and documentation of her journey through life.  Her struggles.  Her challenges.  Her triumphs.

Through her content creation of documentation she started to gain a following of followers who resonated with her Story.

Now 10 Plus years later her following on JUST Youtube has grown to half a million followers and she is an 'influencer' who has learned how to monetize her content and following.

Katy shares her tips and tricks for Monetizing your Social Media on her Interview on For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs.

Find Katy on all Social Media, but make sure you follow her YouTube Channel - HelloKaty.