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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
21 min2020 SEP 14
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In this episode of The Hole in the Whole, Yana and Tom break their golden rule and discuss religion. The idea started with Yana's new favorite book called The Darkening Age, which led them to discuss church, new gods, and philosophy. Listen as they find a similarity between religion, FinTech startups, and totalitarian ideology. They both seem to be on the same page with a few differences in the philosophy, but as usual, it turned into a very interesting conversation. If you enjoy this episode, please share it with friends, leave comments and reviews, and get our podcast heard. Today's Episode: [00:24] Happy Monday, everybody! [00:31] Yana discusses when she and Tom first decided to do a podcast. [01:12] Yana shares that the idea for this episode started with her new favorite book called The Darkening Age. [04:40] Tom loves the theory and analogy and discusses the Catholic church and how they split the one true God. [06:29] Tom speaks about the analogy between church and FinTech. [08:31] Yana thinks it's funny to think about multiple gods and shares how she was told Christianity got started. [10:51] Yana wants to know why this totalitarian ideology requires people to sacrifice the quality of life and pleasures. [11:51] Tom believes it is a discussion of power. [14:27] Yana says that economically, it doesn't work because people were struggling if you look back. [15:16] Tom says that it depends on who you compare because if you compare the Roman Empire to the Catholic Empire, over time, the Catholic Empire was prosperous. [17:18] Tom believes that the old ways have been replaced by new tools like the internet and digitization are the new gods. [21:25] Thank you for listening. Show links: How to get in touch with us, if you’d like to tell your startup story: Yana on Instagram, Tom on LinkedIn