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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
32 min2020 JUL 27
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Have you ever misused the word impact in a business context? Listen as Tom and Yana discuss how startups look at income versus impact. Yana shares that if a company or client chooses to work with you because of the value you bring, then she considers that impact. Tom believes that if they can look you at as more than a profit-and-loss statement or a balance sheet, it is a gigantic step. Yana and Tom disagree through this entire episode, but if you think about it, isn't that why you listen?

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Today's Episode:

  • [00:24] Hello, everybody!
  • [01:03] Listen, as Yana shares how she feels about the dilemma of income or impact.
  • [02:09] Yana feels that the impact is a situation where customers prefer to work with you because they see value in working with you.
  • [03:12] Tom doesn't agree, he says that we live in an economy driven by growth and financial success for so long that we are allergic to anything that isn't explainable from your balance sheet or profit-and-loss statement.
  • [04:56] Yana suggests that sometimes you may have intangible factors with your organization that may relate to your customers.
  • [05:42] Yana gives two examples of what she means.
  • [08:01] Tom says that Yana has misused the term impact in a context that is horrendous.
  • [10:38] Tom believes that you should improve the social status quo.
  • [12:44] When Yana sees that people care about the cause, she admires their attitude.
  • [13:38] Tom says that no one likes greenwashing. 
  • [15:28] Yana talks about seeing what Tom has described from a business standpoint.
  • [16:51] Tom shares that it is not always economically sensible or in the best interest of the shareholder for you to comply with impact guidelines.
  • [19:21] Tom says you can use the same metrics for measuring the impact elements for the environment and society.
  • [20:13] Yana asks, what if I want to run a company, but I don't want to be part of this social PR thing, can't I just focus on my business, does it mean my company isn't worthy?
  • [20:35] Tom believes that if you are a small one-person show, it doesn't matter, but once you become publicly traded, you need to pay attention.
  • [22:35] Tom gives some examples of why what Yana is talking about doesn't work.
  • [25:00] Yana speaks about her dilemma with this topic.
  • [28:37] Yana wants to know how Tom could consider censorship on high heels to be a promotion.
  • [31:36] Yana believes that most people are sensible.
  • [32:00] Tom agrees with Yana, finally at the end.
  • [32:39] Thank you for listening. Bye for now!

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