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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
27 min2020 AUG 10
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Do you think the services we use are more of an ecosystem play? Listen as Tom believes that we have moved into the E2E model and defines what he means by that and what the E stands for. Yana says that conceptually she would love to see this E2E model flourish, but she is not convinced that we are there yet. Tom shares some examples where he thinks this ecosystem approach could be beneficial quicker. This is a fascinating episode. Where do you stand on the whole E2E ecosystem discussion?

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Today's Episode:

  • [00:24] Hello, everybody!
  • [00:44] Tom believes that we are all moving into the E2E world.
  • [01:03] Tom defines what he means by E2E.
  • [02:40] Yana says that conceptually she would like to see this idea flourish.
  • [04:05] Tom agrees with some of what Yana has stated, but he adds his own thoughts.
  • [06:30] Yana doesn't believe that it is a viable concept for startups.
  • [07:06] Yana speaks about Wirecard and them not having a backup.
  • [08:57] Tom shares that Yana is looking at this from a business perspective while looking at it from a tech position.
  • [11:15] Do you plan for redundancy in backups? 
  • [13:09] Tom gives some examples of where this ecosystem approach could kick in earlier.
  • [16:09] Yana believes that data sharing works, but no one wants to use it.
  • [17:35] Tom says that in the real-world data sharing is being used every day.
  • [19:48] Tom gives some examples of companies that data share.
  • [21:12] Yana shares that she sees increases using somebody's data passively.
  • [23:49] Tom speaks about a climate control company that allows clients to see how much carbon offsetting their purchase would be and whether they want to do it.
  • [26:39] Tom shares some final thoughts.
  • [27:29] Thank you for listening to the show.

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