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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
28 min2020 SEP 21
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Today, Tom and Yana discuss how to fake it until you make it, and Tom adds the subtitle how to fake it until you make it without getting delusional and lost in self-hypnosis. Yana believes that when people don't know the risks, they move fast, invest, and face the consequences later, while Tom shares a different opinion on the topic. Yana believes that startups like working together because they are both new, and they like a 'creative confusion' atmosphere and understand each other, but things don't get done. Tom believes that it comes down to how much structure you need and or want. As usual, this is a great conversation. Listen and enjoy! If you enjoy this episode, please share it with friends, leave comments and reviews, and get our podcast heard. Today's Episode: [00:24] Happy Monday, everybody! [00:55] Yana shares a scenario that came to mind when Tom suggested this topic. [02:56] When people don't know the risks, they move fast and invest. [04:02] Tom speaks about what he thought about when he brought up this topic, but he believes that Yana is saying there is a lot of faking going on at the back end. [05:00] Before you have testimonials and test studies, you have to have a way to announce yourself to the world. [06:40] Yana shares two ways to go about faking it. [09:24] Tom says that you should be paid once you deliver and actively deliver the product to the customer and not give it away for free. [11:27] Tom believes that having experience and a track record allows people to get personalized services for them. [12:15] Yana shares some negative experiences she's had using Tom's examples. [15:15] Tom believes that if you are one end of the extreme and you are working with a more conservative partner, it can work out much better. [17:05] When a client's funds are in danger, she is very unapologetic because it is a firm line that she won't cross. [19:31] Tom believes that Yana is saying that client funds can not be put at risk, but investor funds can be. [20:15] Tom says that faking becomes unacceptable at the point that it becomes fraudulent. [22:53] If the gap between what you promise and what your ops team's day-to-day experience gets too big, it is a default breaking point. [26:03] Yana speaks about the vision being there, but you aren't growing, you may have a poor management team. [26:30] Yana believes that faking it until you make it is necessary. [27:48] Thank you for listening! Show links: How to get in touch with us, if you’d like to tell your startup story: Yana on Instagram, Tom on LinkedIn