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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
25 min2020 SEP 7
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How do you structure your sales conversations? Listen as Tom and Yana discuss how to know at which level you should start your pitch. Do you pitch to the dumbest person in the room and hope the smartest one doesn't ask questions or pitch to the smartest person in the room and hope the others can keep up? Do you have a scripted pitch, or do you wing it? These are some of the things that Tom and Yana debate on this episode of the Hole in the Whole, and they would like to hear your strategy when preparing your sales conversation. If you enjoy this episode, please share it with friends, leave comments and reviews, and get our podcast heard. Today's Episode: [00:24] Happy Monday, everybody! [01:08] Tom discusses how much detail you need to go to when pitching a sale. [02:43] Yana agrees that when selling to B2B, there are different levels and priorities. [04:24] Tom says that you can find ambassadors at all levels of detail and expertise. [05:44] Yana believes you should step into the buyer's shoes to see what is important to them. [07:30] Who is the initiator of the demo? [08:55] Yana says that there are fewer decision-makers and more of a sense of urgency when you have a small company. [10:42] Yana explains what she means by having a relationship with an important stakeholder. [13:13] Do you think it's important to have nicely scripted demo's? [14:14] Yana believes that yes, you should write a script when making a presentation. [16:24] Yana shares that you should have two people when doing a demo; one needs to talk and monitor the customer. [18:10] Tom says that he can see why you want it to be polished, but he doesn't like to have a script. [21:19] Always be aware of where your service providers are in terms of maturity, scale, and priorities. [22:54] Tom says that with a little strategy looking ahead and a little architecture in place, this can take you a long way and not have to rebuild your tech platform every year. [23:16] Yana shares her final thoughts. [24:16] Tom gives his last words. [24:37] Thank you for listening. Show links: How to get in touch with us, if you’d like to tell your startup story: Yana on Instagram, Tom on LinkedIn