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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
15 min2020 AUG 3
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What are your views on ‘all or nothing?’ Do you agree with Yana that it is a way to make sure you are performing at your highest level and leaves very little room for compromise or do you think Tom’s view that it depends on what you want either structure or chaos is a better way to look at a task? Either way, this is a great conversation with compelling examples that leave you to make your own decision. Listen and see whose insight matches yours the best.

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Today's Episode:

  • [00:24] Hello, everybody!
  • [00:52] Tom believes that this strategy is an absolute stupid strategy.
  • [01:03] Yana says that it is most times an excellent strategy.
  • [01:51] Tom discusses Yana’s hiring example of all or nothing.
  • [03:03] Yana shares why she suggested this episode.
  • [05:11] Tom agrees that a lot of times it is about risk taking and how you define your guidelines.
  • [06:30] Yana speaks about what her love of all or nothing is grounded in.
  • [08:52] Tom thinks this relates to whether you want structure or chaos.
  • [09:30] Using the all-or-nothing approach works for Tom  with shopping.
  • [11:13] Tom shares it satisfies his thoughts on the two regions of the brain: one makes you crave things and the other one that you have the things.
  • [12:07] Yana agrees that when you crave something, the preparation is much more fun than actually doing it or getting it.
  • [13:17] Yana concludes that she feels attached to the all-or-nothing strategy.
  • [14:07] Tom concludes that life is more complex than we like.
  • [15:08] Thank you for listening to the show!

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