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Hole in the Whole

Yana Afanasieva and Tom Debus

Hole in the Whole
25 min2020 SEP 28
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When it comes to business, do you believe luck plays a part? On this episode of Hole in the Whole, listen as Tom and Yana share their views on luck. Yana attributes her success to hard work and says that she doesn't believe that luck plays any part, whereas Tom believes that luck has played a big part in his. There were some parts they agreed on, but for the most part, Tom decided that luck plays a much bigger part in his dreams than they do in Yana's. Where do you stand? They would love to hear from you and find out your opinion. If you enjoy this episode, please share it with friends, leave comments and reviews, and get our podcast heard. Today's episode: [00:24] Welcome to the show, everybody! [00:56] Yana says that she doesn't believe that there is luck in business. [01:36] Tom believes that there are so many moving parts in business that can't be influenced that he believes that there is some form of luck. [04:11] Yana says that there are many circumstances you can't influence initially, but over time consistency has a bigger weight and more impact. [05:22] Tom shares that because Yana was an immigrant, it strengthened her and allowed her to meet people, she might not have met otherwise. [07:35] Yana agrees that when people are being challenged and have obstacles, they have options and might try harder. [10:04] Tom says that you are either the victim or perpetrator. [12:55] Yana shares that in business, having partial responsibility doesn't work. [13:41] Tom speaks about having a win-win attitude. [16:09] How you deal with the people in your environment or professional life is completely in your hands. [17:47] Tom shares an example of when someone said you are so lucky when in business. [19:10] Yana explains what she was trying to get across in this episode. [22:06] Tom expands on what happened with the company he used in his example. [23:32] Yana speaks about the numbers she forecasted for her business in 2020 and how she contributed some of it to magic. [25:14] Tom believes that luck plays a bigger part in his dreams than they do in Yana's [25:39] Thank you for listening! Show links: How to get in touch with us, if you’d like to tell your startup story: Yana on Instagram, Tom on LinkedIn