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~ ONWARD ~ with Carolyn Herfurth

Carolyn Herfurth

~ ONWARD ~ with Carolyn Herfurth
36 MINAPR 15
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In a time when we're needing to find different ways to connect, Cyndie Spiegeltransformational speaker and founder of Dear Grown Ass Woman, has a lot to say about building COMMUNITY.

In our conversation, Cyndie shares...

  • Who was buying her rice, TP and other staples before she and her husband were able to return home to their Brooklyn apartment when the quarantine started
  • The qualities you can bring to meeting new people that show them your true colors
  • The secret to building an online community — and advice for hosting your zoom socials
  • Advice for people who feel overwhelmed by how much community they have... but don't feel fulfilled by it
  • And how to find your community

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