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~ ONWARD ~ with Carolyn Herfurth

Carolyn Herfurth

~ ONWARD ~ with Carolyn Herfurth
47 MINAPR 12
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While we consider ways to adapt to life after the pandemic, Christina Morassi believes that we can't create anything new without dying first. 

Sounds intense, right?

Well, this successful healer-turned-coach has been there, done that. She achieved the entrepreneurial dream. But after reaching high 6-figures helping women find their Ecstatic Brands, she was exhausted from being in man-mode so she pulled the plug on her successful business. Yep, she killed it.

And she's now on a mission to help other women leaders operate in the natural design of their Feminine Operating System. Doing it all as a #DigitalNomad from amazing places like Bali, Hawaii, Italy, and Costa Rica.  

In our conversation, Christina shares...

  • Why this virus is THE MOST ginormous Pattern Interrupt of the Century — and what that even means to you
  • Ways to view this moment of "time out of time" and the importance of stopping, resting and resourcing
  • What NOT to do (I got it wrong) and what TO do to rewire our brains
  • How The Universe operates within the cycles of Birth ==> Life ==> Death ==> REPEAT
  • That if we don’t know how to embrace the death part of the cycle, we can’t be reborn
  • Why she disagrees with positive thinking and encourages you to "fall apart" instead

Get full show notes and free meditation at : https://carolynherfurth.com/podcast/rebirth