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Operation BOLD

Ruth O'Neill

Operation BOLD
11 min2019 AUG 27
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As someone who craves organization and structure, believe it or not, when I started my podcast I had neither! I always came to each episode prepared and did a great interview but there was never any outline that I followed and that meant sometimes I never got around to making a certain point or asking a particular question.
After doing a bunch of off-the-cuff episodes I realized that in order to be the best host I can be and provide you with as much awesome content as possible, I needed to step up my game a bit.
I'd listened to many amazing podcasts and dissected what those hosts did in the episode to deliver a punch of great info, I watched YouTube videos and read blog posts. My goal was to learn as much as possible on what it takes to structure an EXCEPTIONAL podcast episode!
I created a process to help me stay organized and keep the episode on track during recording. It's really quite simple but so useful.
In this episode I explain my entire process and to help you become the best podcast host and episode planning BOSS I want to share my Trello board with you! Access it here: http://bit.ly/podcastepisodeplanner