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Podcasting Tips & Tricks with Lyndal Harris

Lyndal Harris

Podcasting Tips & Tricks with Lyndal Harris
30 min2020 JUL 6
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In this week’s episode, I’m talking to a friend who has recently launched her show to discuss her podcasting journey. Leanne Webber is a Business Mentor, Founder of 2 Businesses and podcast host. Leanne’s mission is to help entrepreneurs move forward with practical intention to achieve the huge goals they dream of.

Leanne recently launched her podcast, Behind the Business Blinds and I really wanted to have a chat to her about the process so you can hear a personal journey from someone….particularly if you’re thinking about launching a podcast and feel like it’s a huge mountain to overcome - both the technical side of things as well as the emotional.

In this episode:
Leanne's podcasting journey
Why Leanne launched her show and the benefits
Some challenges she faced prior to launching
How she overcame these challenges
Imposter syndrome
The marketing activities Leanne did around launch her show.


For full show notes, go to https://www.podcastva.com/podcast/a-podcast-launch-journey-with-leanne-webber/ 

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