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Productivity Mastery

Stoyan Yankov

Productivity Mastery
54 minJUL 16
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My guest this time is Melissa Rosenthal, a former CRO / Executive Vice President at Cheddar. Melissa was part of the founding executive team, building out revenue models and products and growing the company revenue from <$1mm to $50mm in 3.5 years, to eventually scale the company to its acquisition by Altice USA in 2019.

Melissa is also a former Vice President at Buzzfeed, where she led global Brand Partnerships and drove company's revenue to $100MM globally while driving the strategic growth of the creative team internationally, including Japan, Australia, Brazil, and the UK‬

Melissa was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30, Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative People Under 30, and as one of Digiday's "Changemakers."

Today Melissa is a co-founder of Circle, an SMS content-tech platform helping brands and publishers connect with audiences via text message and company she started during COVID-19 times.

Grab your cup and join us for Coffee & Productivity!