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Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen

Patricia Kathleen

Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen
57 min2019 NOV 12
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This series features a rotating panel of guests returning from our past interviews in an effort to examine core issues and topics that have revealed themselves as common and integral subjects deserving further exploration. Roundtable Guests for this episode: Hema Crockett: is a founder at High Performanceology (highperformanceology.com)Gianna Biscontini: Gianna is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and founder of W3RKWELL (https://www.w3rkwell.com)  April Wensel: April is the founder of Compassionate Coding (compassionatecoding.com)The dialogue captured here is part of our ongoing effort to host transparent and honest rhetoric for any and all individuals who, like myself, find great value in hearing the opinions and experience of those people who have directed their careers by their own ingenuity.You can find information regarding my podcast series and my work on patriciakathleen.com Welcome to Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen.  Now let’s start the conversation!