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Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen

Patricia Kathleen

Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen
58 minJAN 18
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Roundtable explores issues behind Manufacturing & Startups: Prototypes, relationships with manufacturers, industrial design, import tariffs, and other key issues regarding manufacturing across various industries with these 3 female startup founders.This series features a rotating panel of guests returning from our past interviews in an effort to examine core issues and topics that have revealed themselves as common and integral subjects deserving further exploration. Guests for this episode: 1. Jessica Bell: Founder & CEO at ReVessel, a consumer goods brand advancing food storage to solve human and environmental health challenges. The Adventure Kit is the latest in leakproof, stainless steel, modular innovation to hit food storage industry with the most durable, non-toxic, multi-talented approach to safely prepping, storing and packing food all-in-one and taking it wherever you go. https://revessel.com/2. Debbie Chen: Founder & CEO of Hydrostasis, a complete and personalized hydration monitoring system that tracks hydration in real-time and provides notifications to coaches and athletes BEFORE dehydration symptoms arise. www.hydrostasis.com3. Stephanie Su: Founder & Designer of Persu Collection: Functional bags created for modern-day hustlers, fitness lovers, and wanderlusters. persucollection.comThe dialogue captured here is part of our ongoing effort to host transparent and honest rhetoric for any and all individuals who, like myself, find great value in hearing the opinions and experience of those people who have directed their careers by their own ingenuity.