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That's interesting... with Mark & Alan

Mark Fawzy

That's interesting... with Mark & Alan
43 min2020 AUG 4
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He has been in the health & fitness game for over a decade. He has:

- Competed around the globe on a professional level, as a sponsored OCR athlete. 

- Graced the cover of Menshealth magazine over 21 times in over 10 countries. 

- Consulted and written numerous articles and workout regimes for global brands. 

- Recently competed in the super sport show "the Fortuner 4x4 challenge" and won this competition. 

- Went on to compete in a reality TV show on the Island of Curacao off the coast of Venezuela for R1million and won this too. 

He is an entrepreneur at heart and recently sold his gym business.  He now spends his time between coaching men online how to become the best version of themselves no matter their situation, through establishing mental & physical fortitude. He is about to launch his clothing label Kratos Athletics. 

We go into a deep dive on many topics, including nutrition and somne very interesting findings around the carnivore diet.