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The Business Method

Chris Reynolds

The Business Method
57 MIN2018 SEP 19
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Simone Vencenzi ~ Co-Founder of GTEX~ Current Series ~100 Interviews with 100 Location-IndependentEntrepreneurs that have over $1,000,000 in Annual RevenueSpeaking on stage is actually the biggest fear in the world. It terrifies people. Today’s guest is a professional speaker. He has actually built a 7-figure location independent speaking business and speaks at over 200 events per year. Most of those events are put on by his company.  Simone Vincenzi is his name and he is a master at the art of speaking, presentation, sales, and conversions.  Today on the show Simone and I speak about how he manages to produce over 100 and speaking at over 200 events per year. He shares about how he built his company into what it is today, how to sell from the stage, how to convert very small audiences with as few as ten people, and how to get a name in the speaking world where you are consistently getting referrals. Simone also was generous enough to share a speaking from the stage checklist for the listeners of The Business Method Podcast. I am going to check this out myself to make sure I am on cue for my next presentation! If you are currently speaking and selling from the front of the room or want to learn more about this art, be sure to check out this episode ASAP! 02:53: Who is Simone Vincenzi?11:43: Speaking at 200 Events/Year12:21: The Art of Speaking in Front of People17:41: Managing Speaking at 200 Events/Year19:46: Choosing Which Events to Speak At24:00: Measuring the ROI on Collecting Leads at a Speaking Event27:28: Getting More Speaking Gigs35:26: Volunteering to Get More Speaking Gigs39:04: Average Time to Create an Event45:27: Building and Maintaining a 7-Figure Location Independent Business 48:31: Difference Between a 5-Figure vs. 6-Figure vs. 7-Figure Speaking BusinessContact Info: https://gtex.events/selling-from-the-stage-checklist-the-business-method