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The Copy I.D. Podcast

Julio & Darian Chavez

The Copy I.D. Podcast
39 minMAY 18
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Today on the podcast we have Christina Mattison!

Christina is a certified yoga instructor with over 500 hours of experience. She recently quit her job as an engineer to pursue entrepreneurship through her passion for teaching yoga.

She is the founder of the Yoga Strong Program, a holistic wellness program that empowers women to take ownership of their physical and mental health in order to transform their relationship with themselves through yoga, mindset coaching, and more.

She recently opened her brand new yoga studio, Rolling Oaks Yoga just in time for COVID to hit. In less than a week, she pivoted her entire yoga studio online and is now offering 5 virtual classes a week. Suffice it to say, she has a lot of insight when it comes to pivoting quickly in today's market. Plus she gives you 2 amazing freebies. One is linked below and the other you'll have to listen for towards the end of the podcast!

Find her at:
Website: http://christinamattisonyoga.com/

[FREEBIE] 5 Simple Ways to Infuse Yoga into Your Workday: https://fabulous-pioneer-9504.ck.page/3eb6059003

Yoga Strong 7 Day Challenge: https://fabulous-pioneer-9504.ck.page/ea96038a41