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The Fierce Female Network

Fierce Female Network

The Fierce Female Network
24 min2019 MAR 1
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As a consumer each and every one should receive what they have purchased.   I detest when some is being ripped off or cheated out of a product or service.   I strongly believe it is distasteful to price gouge a customer simply because they do not know that the service is really not as expensive as a salesperson make it out to be.   If you purchase a used car for $10,000 and the blue book value of the car is $7500 you have been ripped off.  Just because someone does not know, does not give a company or salesperson the right to take advantage of anyone.   This is where integrity and honest comes in the play.  If a company can sleep at night after ripping someone off I believe that company should go down in a blaze of flames.  Do you believe you have been wronged?  I seriously want to know about.   I believe we should spread the word on companies, and salesperson who price gouge, let me know so it can be put on blast to warn other shoppers.  You certainly would want someone to warn you if a company is fishy or tricky?  Well we are going to shout to the roof top about every company who is taking advantage of consumers.  Seriously email thefiercefemales@gmail.com and let us know about the company and what happen to you so we can provide a service to other customers.  Consumer Protection is always needed at every level.    With so many people on the internet you better believe there are some folks around looking to hit you in the virtual head and take your money!!It pisses me off to the 100x power! I say let's blast, blast, and blast!!