Beauty Needs Me

Beauty Needs Me

Beauty Needs Me
43 min2020 OCT 8
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In this episode we speak with the founder of Urban Skin Rx, Rachel Roff, about her passion as an esthetician, how it led to her starting a Medspa which segued into her product line. Rachel lets us in on her inspiration to enter the beauty industry, how Urban Skin Rx products became the go-to brand for melanin skin and the importance of being transparent in her business. 

Keep up with Rachel on IG at @urbanskinfounder. Follow Urban Skin Rx on IG at @urbanskinrx. Dunni & Taleah can both be found on IG at @TheeDunniO & @TaleahGriffin. Keep in touch with Beauty Needs Me at @beautyneedsme or email us at beautyneedsme@gmail.com! 

Hosts: Dunni Odumosu and Taleah Griffin Produced by: Le’Ru Productions


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