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Beauty Needs Me

Beauty Needs Me
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A lot of time is spent discussing beauty as it pertains to women, but where do men fit into this conversation? In this episode, the founders of The Positive Vibes Only (PVO) Podcast give us their take on referring to men as beautiful, insecurities they've experienced related to their appearance & how beauty plays a role in their romantic relationships. 

Founded by Chi, Dayo, Nas & Walu, PVO Global is a collective driven by their passion for uplifting Black culture and commitment to social impact. The mission of PVOGlobal is executed through national and international high-end, caused-based consumer experiences, custom video production, and on-going giveback initiatives. The movement inspired by PVOGlobal, #PositiveVibesOnly, is more than just a party, it's a consumer experience that harnesses the power of positive energy and uses it to effectively empower the culture.

This is just part 1 of a hilarious 2.5 hour conversation. Part 2 will be available next week so be sure to digest this first!

Keep up with Positive Vibes Only on IG at @pvoglobal and www.pvoglobal.com. The PVO men can be found at @chi_eo (Chi), @dayookeniyi (Dayo), @nasboogie (Nas) & @looski7 (Walu). Dunni & Taleah can both be found on IG at @TheeDunniO & @TaleahGriffin. Keep in touch with Beauty Needs Me at @beautyneedsme or email us at beautyneedsme@gmail.com! 

Hosts: Dunni Odumosu and Taleah Griffin Produced by: Le’Ru Productions


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