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The Cut Game Radio Show


The Cut Game Radio Show
56 MIN2017 SEP 28
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There's so many amazing components that make up the barber industry. One of the most important components are its artists. Artists express themselves in so many different ways. Besides the art & science of barbering, artist in the barber industry have created opportunities to express themselves through educating, platform work, grooming celebrities for film & television, inventions, entrepreneurship, or even just influencing social media & communities. But it's rare that you find artists that experience success in multiple areas of the barber industry. In this episode Groom City had the pleasure of interviewing a successful educator, entrepreneur, social influencer, and celebrity barber John Mosley A.K.A Popular Nobody. John shares with us his family's connection to the beauty industry, his childhood, and also his trials, tribulations, and triumphs as a barber. Enjoy.