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32 min2020 AUG 12
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Malls all across America are dying. What we once knew as the place to be is no longer. Fewer and fewer people visit malls every year, and many store fronts remain vacant, the memories of a not so distant past. Join us as we spend a year of our lives in Jasper Mall. We meet the many characters that make up the mall including Robin, a florist who has been a part of Jasper Mall for many years. Kasey and Isadore a teenage interracial couple whose extracurricular activities take them to the mall, Nikki who works at Master Cuts, Santa, and the Domino Players. Then there’s Mike, the malls manager, security, housekeeping, heart and soul.

Cast of Characters:
Bradford Thomason....Director
Brett Whitcomb...Co-Director, Director of Photography
Mike.......Mall Manager, Security, Housekeeping....EVERYTHING
Nikki....Master Cuts Hair Stylist
Robin...Florist at Robin's Nest
Kasey......Teenager, Mall Patron
Isadore.....Teenager, Mall Patron
Mall Santa.......Santa
Weapon Salesman...Weapon Salesman

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